Advantages & Benefits

Knowledge, Anywhere, Anytime

Get pinpoint reports to critical failures in user training, software usability, and

Communication Channels

Send in-app messages & notifications, receive feedback, ratings and tips & tricks.


Get pinpoint reports to critical failures in user training, software usability, and

Customer Satisfaction

Improve user satisfaction & engagement and experience the full power of your product.

Reduce Costs

Reduce support & training costs for end users like operators, call-centers, field service, etc.

Improved Utilization

Use your product efficiently, with less human errors and faster adoption of new features.

The Howtool platform has consolidated all our end-user’s needs into one beautiful tool.
It has improved productivity immediately.
Layli Sobhani
Director, Digital & Interactive, Biosense Webster

Interactive self service app

A multi-platform user friendly application that supplies the user with an easy access to interactive guides. This 3 rows are place holder which should be filled with extra information about two of the most significant features (offline mode and one more?) and how they are effecting our 3 kinds of users. 

Download On-Demand

On-demand content downloading and updating.

Offline Mode

Work offline with all available content.

Knowledge Share

Moderate and share the best users’ tips & tricks to all users.

Powerful Search

Advanced Search with categories filters, tags and auto-complete.

Feedback & Rating

Let your users tell you what they like.


A personalized experience with subscribes, bookmarks, favorites and more.

Empower your users with accessible interactive guides.

Knowledge Management Center

Highly accessible essential knowledge provide to the end-users, to allow them to efficiently utilize your product and solve issues before they even have to ask.

Business Process Management

Create content using a built in review process with permissions & content status.

Audit Trails

A documented history of admin actions.


Contact your users with built in in-app notifications, push-notifications and more!.

Statistics & Analytics

Understand the users and their needs with statistics and a powerful analytics engine.

Content Segmentation

Publish different content to different users: technicians, operators, etc..

Advanced Security

Secured usage and communication.

Empower your users with accessible interactive guides.

You can use HowTool for


Troubleshoot with easy to use step-by-step guides instead of engineering flowcharts

Smart Forms

Interactive forms, surveys or read & sign, with instant submit and stats.


Ensure consistency and completeness of processes with visual checklists.


An immediate way to let your users get familiar with your software.


Highly accessible and engaging tutorials that are perfect for user onboarding and training.

Reference Guides

Allow users to quickly refresh their knowledge and check that small detail they forgot.

Media Player

Rich content with video and audio, stream or download, with usage statistics.


Display documents, brochures and technical data, and email files to clients.