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Improve productivity & usability, reduce errors and downtime!

Howtool™ – self training and self service for device operators

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of people do not read manuals

The average capital equipment user is proficient with roughly 25% of existing knowledge base, and has no access to user-friendly support on-site.

This causes poor utilization and productivity, user-based errors, and system downtime, resulting in low satisfaction and high support costs.

Our Vision

We believe knowledge is power, the power to improve.
We believe delivering the right knowledge empowers users, and generates an upward spiral of improvement.

We do this by redefining information according to how we use it on our daily life, making it fast, accessible, easy and visual. With a real impact on users, manufacturers, and everything in between.

All of this, and more, is packed into Howtool™.
Your information, generated, managed, used, and analyzed with usability and productivity in mind, to make a real impact.

Information for the new generation

Implement your knowledge and information in a simple, user-friendly way. Update guides in no-time. No more tech-notes, errata, new versions, etc. scattered everywhere. Just one place where the user knows everything is always up to date.

Complete control of information, admins and users

Everything you need for regulatory and quality compliance:

  • Content revisions with diff & rollback
  • Dynamic user profile & content segmentation
  • Content approval process (roles & permissions)
  • Full audit trails
  • Export guides to controlled documents
  • File sharing, and more!

Making super users!

Self service and self training on steroids! Give your users access to everything they need to know, anytime, anywhere. Immediate, simple and visual answers to their every need. This newly found super-knowledge will boost productivity, reduce errors and downtime, and send client's satisfaction rocketing sky high.

Know what really happens in the field

You should know everything about your users, information, and device. Howtool™ generates analytics from what the users themselves search and use, your "user's log" reveals treasures of deep insights.

Our latest News

Our latest News

Or just the best ones 👍

IBM Alpha Zone Howtool™

It was a pleasure to show Howtool™, Our innovative hands-on and support and training platform, on the IBM Alpha Zone Demo Day. Ginger Gene is solving the three most painful problems with documentation: 1. Writing amazing manuals easily with our AI powered authoring tool 2. Bringing real impact to the field with our user friendly […]

Omri of Howtool

This is the story of how I got the chance to work for a game changing company. When I first heard of Howtool™, I was in the second year of my MBA. I instantly knew I had to figure out a way to become part of the team. I felt inspired by the product, by […]

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