We provide higher impact the more complex your product is

The HowTool platform enables self-service for your end-users, even if your product is as complex as a CT scanner, an
industrial printer, a cyber platform for organizations, or an assembly line.

Revolutionizing the tiers of support

HowTool increases the number of issues resolved on the
spot, on-site. These, in turn, reduce your call center's volume,
field visits, and of course, your personal workload.

Use HowTool to achieve cost- effective support, training, and operations, along with a higher level of productivity and
customer satisfaction

Empower your users with accessible interactive guides

Reduce customer service
manager workload

Transform technical know-how into interactive user-friendly content, and easily communicate it to end users, call center representatives, operators, or even field service engineers. Your knowledge is now available to everyone

Empower your product's users

Provide highly accessible essential knowledge to your end- users, to allow them to efficiently utilize your product and solve issues before they even have to ask for assistance.

The average user of a complex system is proficient with roughly 25% of its existing knowledge base, and has no access to user-friendly support on-site.

Use insights to improve

HowTool's truly insightful reports help you pinpoint issues in users' training, software usability, and even hardware issues — and use this valuable knowledge to improve.

Understand what your most recurring issues are, when, where and
to whom they happen, what causes them, how best to solve these issues, and even how to prevent them.

The Howtool platform has consolidated all our end-user’s needs into one beautiful tool. It has improved productivity immediately.
Maryam Shoja
Product Manager Johnson & Johnson medical